Monday, November 5, 2012

TV Commercials, Newspapers and Stores

They've started...started bombarding us with gift buying commercials, ads in papers and displays in stores.  Yes, "they" have already got me stressing about Christmas.  How am I going to pay for Christmas?  Will family actually like what we're able to give?  When will I drag out the Christmas decorations and decorate?  Is it too early? 

My mind is still here:
And here...
In other words, I'm not ready for cold weather OR the holidays.  Come on - let me have Thanksgiving first.  Just once, please????   I'm well aware that's not happening.  I also have a grandson who is already looking at newspaper inserts and saying, "Nana, I want that and that and that."  Nana informs him he needs to tell Santa.  Am I playing into the too early to start referring to Santa game?  I suppose I am, but what's a Nana to do?  Stores display Christmas trees, Santa, and other decorations ready for purchase.  (Toys are more numerous as well.)

Before I seriously consider dragging out the decorations, I am determined to get a few things done.  Today I'm painting baseboards and trim after painting the walls a few weeks ago.  I also have to paint the same things in my kitchen and powder room.  Never got to doing that after the tile floors were done over a year ago.  It's no wonder I'm already feeling stressed - two weeks before Thanksgiving.  

While painting today, I'm going to focus on being thankful ~ while listening to Rod Stewart's Christmas cd.  I may just add some more Christmas cds to the Bose system.  I didn't say I don't love Christmas, I just said "they" are causing me stress already by making me fret over things related to everything but Jesus' birth.

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Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

You and me both, my friend. And without much improvement, I don't plan to decorate at all for Christmas this year. Diagnosed with tennis elbow (both elbows) last week and the strain involved in decorating is not what I need to be doing, so .... who says you can't have Christmas without a tree? HA!

My anti-inflammatory/pain meds are really helping (more than I expected, PTL), and I may "have" to drag something out for the holidays, but for now, it ain't happening.